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Modular Railroading Organizations and Resources

   Bend Track A system that gets more mileage out of the same footprint used by N-Trak by using trackwork with a "twist."
   Free-mo A popular alternative HO modular system designed to closely emulate prototypical operation.
   Free-moN A popular alternative N scale modular system designed to closely emulate prototypical operation. The Operations Road Show team partnered with Free-moN groups in 2022 to provide timetable and train order operating sessions at the Gateway 2022 NMRA National Convention in St. Louis and is working with them to offer similar sessions at the Texas Express 2023 NMRA International Convention.
  National Association of S Gaugers A national organization for S gaugers, both scale and hi-rail, which has developed the S-MOD modular standards.
   NRail (Formerly NTRAK) The original N scale modular system, currently celebrating tis 50th anniversary.

Other Model Railroad Clubs and Organization Web Sites in Michigan and Northwestern Ohio

   Ann Arbor Model Railroad Club The Ann Arbor Model Railroad Club is Ann Arbor's original model railroad club, dating back to 1946. "Our neighbor across town," the AAMRC is contructing a large HO scale layout in the former Michigan Central depot in Dexter. They stage one of Michigan's largest model railroad shows every February.
   Blissfield Model RR Club A talented group building an extremely large HO layout in Blissfield, Michigan. Formerly the Raisin Valley Model Railroad Club.
   Grand Rapids Model Railroad Historical Society The GRMRHS is a model railroad club constructing a large HO scale layout based on the Pere Marquette routes in Western Michigan, featuring mainline and branchline operation using command control. The GMRHS is located in Comstock Park, Michigan.
   Gratiot Valley Railroad Club An HO model railroad club located in Mount Clemens, Michigan, building an ambitious layout.
Kalamazoo Model Railroad Historical Society A Kalamazoo-area HO model railroad club. In addition to its layout, the Cooper Park & Eastern, the KMRHS also owns  the last-known remaining caboose from the Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena Railroad, which they have displayed adjacent to their building.
   Lansing Model Railroad Club An HO model railroad club located in the former Grand Trunk Western depot in Millett, outside of Lansing, Michigan.
   LaNTrak The Lansing and Livingston County-area N-Trak and T-Trak group.
   River Bend Model RR Club A group of modelers in Hudsonville, Michigan building an HO layout based on railroading in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
  Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers The group of scale and hi-rail S scale modelers from whom we borrowed the electrical standards for our modules. A local component of the National Association of S Gaugers.
   Stoney Creek Model Railroad Club A Rochester-based HO modular model railroad club. A participant in the Michigan Modular Alliance.

Miscellaneous Sites Members Like

Ann Arbor Railroad Technical & Historical Association The official web site of the AARRT&HA, covering the prototype and modeling aspects of Ann Arbor's "own" railroad. Several Rails on Wheels members belong to the AARRT&HA as well.
  Basics of Timetable & Train Order Operation A good overview of timetable & train order operation, published by the Gateway Division, NMRA.
   NMRA The official web site of the National Model Railroad Association.
North Raleigh Model Railroad Club's Rules for DCC Design & Operation of NTRAK Layouts Although specifically focusing on their N-Trak operations, the North Raleigh Club presents good common-sense guidelines for using DCC (specifically Digitrax) on a modular layout which apply to all scales.
   Operations Special Interest Group The Operations Special Interest Group (OpSIG) is a bunch of model railroaders specifically interested in duplicating prototypical operations on model railroads. The OpSIG issues quarterly newsletters and holds events such as "Operations Saturday" for its members.
   Rensselaer Railroad Heritage Exhibit The web site for the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's amazing New England, Berkshire & Western model railroad, and a large collection of prototype data from the people who brought us the extremely useful NEB&W Modeling Guide[s] to freight car and scenery modeling.
   Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Railway A 7.5" gauge, 3-3/4" scale narrow gauge live steam railroad in Calhoun County, Michigan.
  Small Model Railroads Marshall Stull's blog describing his ongoing work with modules and small model railroads.

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