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    Joining Rails on Wheels
Updated: 24-JAN-2019   

Membership in Rails on Wheels commences with the payment of the $10.00 annual dues. Attendance at meetings is not mandatory, nor is module ownership. We meet two Thursday nights each month from September through May,. Business meetings are held at the Saline Historical Society's ex-LS&MS depot at Ann Arbor and Bennett Streets in Saline, Michigan, approximately 10 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. Click here for a map. Social meetings are held, informally, at Zukey Lake Tavern, on M-36 in Lakeland. Meeting dates and times are pubilshed on the front page of this site, but generally follow a pattern where the Business meeting is on the second Thursday of each month, and the Social meeting is on the fourth Thursday.

Membership in Rails on Wheels is "open"- there is no requirement that applicants be approved by the existing membership. No prior model railroading experience is required.

While many Rails on Wheels members are also members of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), there is no requirement that Rails on Wheels members be NMRA members.

The Rails on Wheels membership list is not made available to others for commercial purposes.

For further information or dates of upcoming meetings, contact Jeff Fryman at (734) 944-9872 (evenings) or John Young at (517) 521-3667 (evenings).

A westbound freight pulls out of Branchton

A C&O Geep leads a freight west out of Branchton.

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